A purely static String Helper to handle more advanced utf8 string manipulations.


Just like Utf8, Strings requires mb_string, ext-intl is auto detected and used when available for UTF8 Normalization.


Signature Description
filter(string $string):string Drops Zero Width white chars, normalizes EOL and Normalize UTF8 if ext-intl is available
singleWsIze(string $string, bool $normalize = false, bool $includeTabs = true):string Replace repeated white-spaces to a single one, preserve original white-spaces unless normalized (every white-spaces to ' '), with or without tabs (\t)
singleLineIze(string $string):string Make string fit in one line by replacing EOLs and white-spaces to normalized single white-spaces
dropZwWs(string $string):string Remove Zero Width white-spaces
normalizeWs(string $string, bool $includeTabs = true, int $maxConsecutive = null):string Normalize white-spaces to a single ' ' by default, include tabs by default
normalizeEol($string, $maxConsecutive = null, $eol = null):string Normalize EOLs to a single LF by default
normalizeText(string $text):string Return trim'd and filter'd $text
normalizeTitle(string $title):string Return singleLineIze'd and normalizeText'd $title
normalizeName(string $name):string Return ucword'd and normalizeTitle'd $name ("john \n\t doe " -> "John Doe")
escape(string $string, int $flag = ENT_COMPAT, bool $hardEscape = true):string htmlspecialchars() wrapper with UTF8 set as encoding
softEscape(string $string, int $flag = ENT_COMPAT):string Shortcut for escape(string $string, $flag, true)
unEscape(string $string, int $quoteStyle = ENT_COMPAT):string htmlspecialchars_decode() wrapper
convert(string $string, string $from = null, string $to = self::ENCODING):string Convert encoding to UTF8 by default. Basic $from encoding detection using Strings::detectEncoding()
detectEncoding(string $string):string/null Detect encoding by checking Utf8::isUf8(), then trying with BOMs and ultimately fall back to mb_detect_encoding() with limited charsets first, then more internally in mb_convert_encoding()
secureCompare(string $test, string $reference):bool Perform a Timing Attack safe string comparison (Truly constant operations comparison)
contentHash(string $content):string Return a sha256 hash of the $content prefixed with $content length. Indented to quickly and reliably detect $content updates.


White-spaces is a not so trivial matter, Strings defines to classes of white-spaces : - Zero width white-spaces:

     * U+200B zero width space
     * U+FEFF zero width no-break space
    const ZERO_WIDTH_WS_CLASS = '\x{200B}\x{FEFF}';
     * U+00A0  no-break space
     * U+2000  en quad
     * U+2001  em quad
     * U+2002  en space
     * U+2003  em space
     * U+2004  three-per-em space
     * U+2005  four-per-em space
     * U+2006  six-per-em space
     * U+2007  figure space
     * U+2008  punctuation space
     * U+2009  thin space
     * U+200A  hair space
     * U+202F  narrow no-break space
     * U+3000  ideographic space
    const NON_STANDARD_WS_CLASS = '\x{00A0}\x{2000}-\x{200A}\x{202F}\x{3000}';

Zero width white-spaces do not include Joiners because the idea is to remove text formatting, not to transform input text. Non standard white-spaces are also pretty specific to just match actual white-spaces and nothing more when removing / normalizing white-spaces.